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Site News

1. Stage 1 Updated

10 Apr 2019

The Stage 1 amount now updated to $10 and it will be applied to all new donation. The system will convert the amount directly to Bitcoin automatically.


Thank you,

M2MBTC Team.

2. M2MBC Network Launched!

19 Dec 2017

We are thrilled to announce that the M2MBTC has been released to the public.

Congratulation to you who have registered for free during the pre-launch, now you can start receiving 100% Bitcoin income from any donations occurs using your referral link.

This platform will work automatically without our intervention, so you can start building your network by promoting your referral link and signup new referrals non stop 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Remember, you will receive 100% income directly and automatically on your Bitcoin wallet from your referral link and random system.


Best Regards,

M2MBTC Team.

3. Pre-launch - Register for FREE

1 Nov 2017

Dear All,

We introduce a fresh and new system that combines real service and peer to peer bitcoin donation system, and during pre-launch, you can register for free to become an active and paid member.

What you can and can't during the pre-launch periods?

You can:

  • Register for free.
  • Access all features in the member area.
  • Use marketing materials and promote your referral link.
  • Refer other for free using your unique link.
  • Pre-order ad slots.

You can't:

  • Receive donation from free referrals.
  • During pre-launch periods you can't register using the same IP and email addresses.

How to start?

  • Register here, complete the simple form and confirm your registration.
  • In the member area, go to your profile page and enter your bitcoin address. It's important since you will receive the donation directly to your bitcoin address.
  • After we launch the program, your account becomes active as paid members and you can start to receive donations from others.

Have any question? please check FAQ page or contact us.


Best Regards,

M2MBTC Team,